• Development Division

    The Development Division is responsible for planning, coordinating and monitoring development provisions.

  • Skills Education Division

    It aims to guide, improve the quality of rural human capital and to produce competitive entrepreneurs.

  • Early Childhood Education Division

    This division coordinates and manages the Early Childhood Education Programme according to the National Preschool Standard Curriculum (NPSC) under the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and Child Care Centre Act 1984.

  • Information Technology Unit

    This unit provides information technology related requirements at both KEMAS headquarters and state offices. In addition, this unit also conducts monitoring in terms of ICT hardwares and softwares in order to maximize the use of information technology instruments.

  • Finance & Procurement Division

    This division is responsible for ensuring that the financial management of KEMAS runs efficiently and smoothly as well as in line with the Financial Procedure Act, Treasury Regulatories, Treasury Circulars, Service Circulars and other financial regulatories or procedures that are in force.

  • Policy & Strategic Planning Division

    This division is responsible for organizing, streamlining as well as strengthening the planning and implementation plan of KEMAS development programmes/ activities in line with the requirements of stakeholders, current needs of the country and target groups.

  • Community Development Division

    The basis for the creation of this division is to focus on programmes/ activities and projects to develop and empower the mind, soul and spirit as well as the soft skills of human capital in rural areas towards the development and progress of the country.

  • Integrity Unit

    This unit aims to ensure that KEMAS staff is practicing an excellent organizational culture with strong ethics and moral to curb legal offences and violations of organizational ethics.