KEMAS Integrity Unit has been established in line with the government’s decision to make the Integrity Units as a focal point to the management of integrity issues across all public agencies as set out in the Service Circular No. 6, 2013 which came into force on 1 August 2013. KEMAS Integrity Unit is responsible for managing and implementing the institutionalization initiatives of integrity, prevention, compliance, misconducts detection and punitive actions in a more focused and organized manner.

    This unit aims to ensure that KEMAS staff is practicing an excellent organizational culture with strong ethics and moral to curb legal offences and violations of organizational ethics.    Six (6) main functions of the Integrity Unit: 

    1. Integrity Consolidation – Ensuring the implementation and institutionalization of integrity within the organization.
    2. Complaints Management – Receive and take action on all complaints / information regarding misconducts and integrity violation of the KEMAS staff
      • Complaints are resolve within at least 15 working days
    3. Detection and Verification – Detect and verify complaints of misconducts in terms of legal offences and it should be reported to responsible enforcement agencies.
    4. Disciplinary – Responsible to execute the administrative function of the Disciplinary Board of the permanent / contract staff.
    5. Compliance – Ensures compliancy to the system and work procedures and recommends improvements.
    6. Governance – Ensure effective governance implementation.   The Integrity Unit consists of three (3) branches:
      • Integrity Consolidation and Complaint Management Branch
      • Governance and Compliance Branch
      • Detection, Verification and Disciplinary Branch

    Implementation of Main Unit Program

    Integrity Consolidation and Complaint Management Branch

    This branch is responsible for:

    • Creating and consolidating the integrity of the KEMAS staff
    • Receive and take action on all complaints regarding violation of code of conducts and organizational ethics.

    Governance and Compliance Branch

    This branch is responsible for :

    • Ensure compliancy to the applicable rules and regulations
    • Ensure that the governance of KEMAS is implemented effectively

    Detection, Verification and Disciplinary Branch

     This branch is responsible for:

    • Conduct investigations into complaints, legal offences and integrity violations among staff.
    • Prepare a report of the legal offences which was reported to the responsible enforcement agencies.
    • Become a secretariat to the Disciplinary Board as well as coordinate and implement actions on violation of integrity