On 19 January 2015 the restructuring of the Community Development Department (KEMAS) led to the rebranding of the Finance and Procurement Division. Both these divisions were merged together as the Finance and Procurement Division.

    The Finance and Procurement Division is responsible for ensuring that the financial management of KEMAS runs efficiently and smoothly as well as in line with the Financial Procedure Act, Treasury Regulatories, Treasury Circulars, Service Circulars and other financial regulatories or procedures that are in force.

    In addition, this division is also responsible for procurement arrangements i.e. planning and managing procurement departments for supplies and services and managing matters related to government assets such as coordinating asset management in State and District KEMAS, KEMAS Training Institute, KEMAS Training Centre as well as other KEMAS premises such as Child Nursery Centres, Child Care Centres, Resource Centres, etc.

    This division consists of four (4) units:

    1. Budget Unit
    2. Finance and Accounts Unit
    3. Procurement Unit
    4. Asset and Store Management Unit