On 19 January 2015 the restructuring of Community Development Department (KEMAS) has led to the re-branding of Career Development and Training Division to Professional Training and Development Division. In line with the policy of Public Sector Human Resources Training, Professional Training and Development Division has developed personnel capabilities through training and career development programs to ensure that every KEMAS staff is prepared and equipped with the attitude, skills and relevant knowledge to enhance their knowledge, skills and positive value as well as increased career opportunities in line with the objectives and goals of creating excellent human capital.

    Administrative Management Unit:

    Responsible for managing administrative affairs at the Professional Training and Development Division and coordinate administrative management of KEMAS Institutes and Training Centers through principals.

    Financial Research and Management Unit:

    Responsible for managing financial allocation and division development as well as implementing research programs to track the effectiveness of the course and the positive impact on staff and departments;

    Generic Unit:

    Responsible for the implementation of courses or training for KEMAS staff in developing and enhancing academic qualifications, strengthening their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of better career progression; and

    Functional Unit:

    Responsible for conducting courses for departments that are inclining as KEMAS programs. Directly, the apprehension of the KEMAS staff will be better and able to acknowledge the mission, vision, objectives and functions of KEMAS to target groups.