The Community Development Division (BPKom) was created after the organizational restructuring of KEMAS was approved by the Public Service Department (JPA) in January 2015. This division incorporates the functions of the Village Development Division, Human Development Division and Resource Centre Unit which previously performed different functions. The basis for the creation of BPKom is to focus on programmes/ activities and projects to develop and empower the mind, soul and spirit as well as the soft skills of human capital in rural areas towards the development and progress of the country. There are three (3) sections under this division:

    1. Village Wellbeing and Management Section
    1. Human Development Section
    2. Resource Centre Section


    Village Wellbeing and Management Section :

    The Village Wellbeing and Management Section performs the functions previously carried out by the Village Development Division. The implementation of this programme/ activity is based on the development and empowerment of the mind, spirit and soft skills of human capital in rural areas particularly in the economic and social fields. In addition, it also plays a role in enhancing strategic cooperation with ministries/ departments/ agencies or outsiders as well as the empowerment of personnel. This section is also responsible for assisting and supporting the management and administration affairs of the Community Development Division.

    This section is broken down into four (4) units:

    • Social Development Unit
    • Economic Empowerment Unit
    • Training and Strategic Cooperation Unit
    • Management Unit


    Human Development Section

    The Human Development Section takes over the role of the Human Development Division and PLF Unit (programme previously under the Resource Centre Section). This section plays a role in the planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes/ activities at headquarters, state or district levels nationwide. This section is divided into two (2) units:

    1. Spiritual Unit
    1. Family and Literacy Unit


    Resource Centre Section

    The Resource Centre Section performs the functions of the Resource Centre and Literacy Unit which was previously one of the units under the Skills Education Division. The prime focus of the Resource Centre is to increase knowledge and provide information to children as well as adults.

    The programmes and activities as well as services of the Resource Centre are:

    1. Book lending services

    Provide a collection of appropriate reading materials for all levels of society consisting of a variety of topics such as motivation, religion, skills, novels, exam references and others

    1. Reference and referral services

    Users may refer to the Resource Centre Community Developers regarding any unidentified information/ matters and community developers will provide answers based on authentic and credible information after making references

    1.  Current awareness services

    Users can obtain information on current issues that are taking place in the country through the Resource Centre Community Developers

    1. Reading Promotion Programme

    This activity is carried out in support of the government policy in promoting and encouraging reading culture while making reading as a lifestyle. Among the activities/ programmes carried out are competitions/ campaigns related to knowledge and information such as let’s read, skill activities, fun activities, knowledge sharing, lectures, etc.