Tabika Transit has been implemented in KEMAS since 2018

It is an after-school childcare facility for children in Kemas TABIKA starting from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Every transit is managed by a teacher, a nanny and is supervised by KEMAS Department.

The transit is available all over Malaysia and for further information please contact the Early Childhood Education Unit of the KEMAS State Office

  • Low and affordable rates between 00-RM250.00 (by location).
  • Child safety is guaranteed.
  • Healthy food menu according to MOH standards.
  • Flexible and fun nurturing and learning.
  • Parents can go to work happy and worriless.
  1. To contribute towards the development of a social and sustainable high-income economy by promoting family-friendly KEMAS transit childcare centers and as the primary choice of working parents at low cost;
  2. To ensure child care and early childhood development needs are in a balanced environment at KEMAS Tabika Transit;
  3. To increase the number of children attending school in KEMAS Tabika with the establishment of KEMAS transit facility.
  1. Priority will be given for KEMAS TABIKA students.
  2. Minimal child intake is 10 – 15 children and maximum is 25 children
  3. Consistent fee payment