The KEMAS Sewing Centre was created to provide exposure and guidance to basic sewing skills to enable participants comprising rural communities to be independent in efforts to eradicate poverty and create a culture of commerce.

Participants will be taught using the curriculum provided by KEMAS as well as ancillary courses to increase income such as sewing of curtains, cushion covers and handicrafts.

Certificate of participation will be given to participants who have attended the class and fulfilled the curriculum specified.

  • Register directly at the nearest skills classes such as Sewing Class, Culinary Class, Personal Grooming Class, Craft Art Class and Computer Classes;
  • Monthly fees based on the joint decision of the Class Activity Committee;
  • Class/ Lecture Sessions : 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (working days); and
  • Target Groups : Youths, Housewives, Single Mothers and local residents

Individuals who are interested in following these classes may obtain information at the nearest State or District KEMAS Office.