KEMAS Training Centre of Malacca
Jalan Melor, Bukit Baru,
75150 Malacca
Telephone No. : (06)- 282 4514
Fax No. : (06)- 281 6827
(Principle : Mr. Saharudin bin Sani)

KEMAS Training Centre of Malacca was built in 1961 on a 3 acres and 2 feet land. It was officially opened on 15 June 1963 by Tun Abdul Ghafar bin Baba, the Chief Minister of Malacca at that time. The KEMAS Training Centre of Malacca was originally known as the RIDA Care Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Centre is located in a convenient residential area within 6 km of the main town. It takes about 10 -15 minutes by public transport to get there from the main town. The Centre serves as a Training Institution that conducts pre-service and in-service training and is directly placed under the administration of Training and Career Development Division, Community Development Department, KEMAS Putrajaya Headquarters.

They have a workforce of 21 people. They are principals, Senior Governance, Financial Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Senior Trainer, Trainer, Dormitory Supervisor, Food Preparation Assistant, Operation Assistant, Driver, Resource Centre Special Community Developers Centre and Computer Literacy Community Developers.

  1. To provide pre-service training to potential Community Developers of TABIKA, TASKA and PKK.
  2. To provide Training in service to KEMAS staff to improve work quality.
  3. To use existing facilities for staffs, KEMAS and other agencies.

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