Human Resource and Administration Division plays an important role in providing strategic services in governance. In addition, this division is responsible for managing matters of appointment, personnel and staff competency, managing financial allocation, department’s assets, security and protection and quality management of the department at the Headquarters and State level.

    The Human Resource and Administration Division is divided into two (2) sections: —

     a. Human Resources Section

    Generally, the Human Resources Section brace the success of the organizational management of the department by providing support services in the management and development of human resources comprising two (2) units: –

    i.  Fixed Unit

    ii.  Contract Unit

    b. Administrative Section

    This section is responsible for implementing Public Service Policy and Directives pursuant to the Public Service Development Circular (Pekeliling Kemajuan Perkhidmatan Awam (PKPA)) to smoothen the work processes within department. This involves the planning and handling of office administrative affairs, infrastructure requirements, recording file movement (opening, storing and closing files), handling meetings and also managing the financial allocation efficiently.

    In addition, this section is also responsible for coordinating, implementing and monitoring the Quality Management System of the department which are the implementation of the Quality Environment Practice QE / 5S; Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) and Counseling. Administrative Section has two (2) units which are:

    i.  Administrative Unit, Inspection and Secretariat

    ii.  Quality Unit