To become the vital transformation and development of the rural community.

    To empower rural communities towards a holistic development

    1. To empower early childhood education through socio-emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development based on the standards set in line with the National Preschool Standard Curriculum (KSPK) and PERMATA Negara Curriculum
    2. To provide quality and recognized skills training to support the economy of rural families
    3. To empower a harmonious, successful and prosperous socio-economy of rural communities
    4. To enhance appropriate human capital development through human resources programmes based on competency and career advancement development (Attitude, Skills & Knowledge)
    1. Focusing on Human Development as a core in Rural Community Development.
    2. Preparing the mind through education and skills according to current demands.
    3. Direct and integrated involvement with other government agencies, private, community institutions and individual in the effort of Rural Community development.
    4. Stimulate target groups to come out with ideas for designing development programs.