Message from the Director General of KEMAS Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum WBT, greetings & Salam 1 Malaysia.

    Effective as of 01 July 2016 I have been officially appointed as the 10th Director General of KEMAS. My utmost appreciation and gratitude goes out to the Minister of Rural and Regional development (MRRD) and the Secretary General of MRRD for the trust given to me.

    I would also like to thank the former Director General of KEMAS YBhg Dato’ Hassan bin Mohd Amin for his 4-year service in charge of KEMAS.

    The post of Director General is a trust and great responsibility that I will have to carry and continue. The support and assistance from all parties, especially members of KEMAS itself is highly expected.

    I also hope that each and every member of KEMAS will continue to serve diligently with focus on the 3 key areas, namely:

    1. Effective Management – encompasses Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Asset Management as well as complying with every circular/ rule and regulations in force.
    2. Impact of Implemented Programmes – implement programmes or activities that truly leave an impact and benefit the community. In addition, the programmes implemented are not engaged in silos, but in collaboration with other agencies.
    3. Political Stability – formulate strategic plans and implement effective programmes to ensure the people continue to pledge their support to the government.

    Let’s together, as citizens of KEMAS, strengthen our willpower and determination, persist in spirit and increase our efforts to ensure our religion, race and nation continues to prosper and strive for the future.

    Thank you.